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Senior Golfers

Senior golfers are well catered for at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs!


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As golfers enter their senior years they can experience a loss of distance. This may be due to a loss of physical strength, a reduction in the ability to rotate or a loss of power in the legs. Whilst this is a relatively slow process one day when playing there is a sudden recognition that the ball is not going as far as it once did!
A change in equipment to clubs with higher playability features can greatly assist the senior golfer. Here at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs, through our in depth custom fitting and handmade range of golf clubs, we are able to specifically cater for the needs of senior golfers. Our fitting process helps us to determine the proper lengths, shaft flex, total weight, swing weight range and set make up. We then hand build a bespoke set that meets the needs and helps the performance of the senior golfer.
To help senior golfers maintain or improve performance, whilst trying to retain distance we supply and customise the ACCRA FX series wood shafts, which are dynamatched. The ACCRA iSeries Iron, Metal Wood and Hybrid shafts are also supplied customised through a choice of lengths, weights and 5 different flexes to help you.
We also supply Wishon, True Temper, Nippon, and Apollo shafts customised specifically for senior golfers – we have many options available in both graphite, lightweight steel and a unique combination of graphite and steel (Steelfiber), which when fitted and built correctly, can significantly help senior golfers in their game.
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