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Premium golf clubs by Orka Golf

Orka Golf are a British company specialising in providing a complete range of premium golf heads for all levels of golfer. Featuring soft cast stainless steel cavity backs through to the new Japanese forged RS models, there are some stunningly beautiful heads in the range sure to delight any golfer!

Exquisitely engineered and created by Japanese craftsmen from S25c Japanese Carbon steel, the RS models from Orka Golf are quad forged to expel any voids in the material, leading to a consistent soft feel. Each head is loft and weight sorted into its set to ensure consistent weight and loft tolerances.

The CB features a low centre of gravity to make them easy to hit in the long irons, the COG is then raised for the shorter irons to offer greater feel. Each head is precision CNC milled, hand finished and double plated in white satin. The quality is obvious at every angle from the milling through to the hand polishing. These are the unrivalled work of craftsmen and something to treasure.

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