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Lady golfers are well catered for at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs!

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The one consistent thing in the game of golf is that all players, without exception have to hit the same size and weight of ball. For all golfers this means that each player needs enough head weight for a given swing speed to hit the ball solidly. To be effective in this endeavour it is often most helpful for a player to be custom fitted and to have a set of clubs made to meet their specific requirements.
However, custom fitted and hand made golf clubs for Ladies, playing at an amateur or club level, are generally very hard to come by. In the golf retail market, which is the domain of the major brands, the general trend over time for ladies golf clubs has been “one size fits all”. Few if any choices in club length, shaft flex, swing weight & club heads are offered. This is in a sport where Ladies usually require clubs that are generally shorter, with lighter and more flexible shafts and smaller grips than their male counterparts.
Here at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs we are able to custom fit and hand build clubs bespoke to the individual Ladies needs by using a variety of shafts, club heads and grips designed specifically to help the performance of Lady golfers.
To help lady golfers reach their potential, we supply and customise the ACCRA FX series wood shafts, which are dyna-matched. The ACCRA iSeries Iron, Metal Wood and Hybrid shafts are also supplied customised through a choice of lengths, weights and 5 different flexes to help you reach your potential. We also supply Wishon, True Temper, Nippon, KBS and Apollo shafts customised specifically for Ladies
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