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According to Kronos Golf, an exceptional club is one that suits the golfer and is made with the finest techniques and materials.

Kronos Golf putters should provide excellent performance, feel and feedback, and ultimately be a pleasure to use.  These principles guide us in every club we design and craft.  We make putters we love, not for mass appeal.  We believe in our ideals and promise to bring you our best. Our putters are milled from solid steel to maintain a seamless structure. We never cast, weld, or stamp our heads, because those methods create inconsistencies in the metal.

KRONOS Golf will never promise that our clubs will make you a better golfer. Only you can make yourself a better golfer. Only you can improve through practice. We promise to build our products with integrity and elevated precision. It’s a promise to craft something you can trust. All KRONOS Golf putters — past, present, and future — are made in San Diego, California by local San Diegans.

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