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Junior Golfers

Junior Golfers are well catered for at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs!

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If a sport is to thrive, flourish and grow it is essential to invest in the younger generation – Junior Golfers – boys and girls aged between 5 and 18 years old. The one consistent thing in the game of golf is that all players, without exception have to hit the same size and weight of ball. For all golfers this means that each player needs enough head weight for a given swing speed to hit the ball solidly.
If a junior is to play their best in golf they require the clubs that enable them to do this.
Here at Optimum Custom Golf Clubs, through our Custom Fitting and hand building of golf clubs we are able to cater for the needs of Junior golfers. In our Junior fitting process we take account of their height, weight, age, strength, natural athletic ability and physical coordination. This helps us to determine the proper lengths, shaft flex, total weight, swing weight range and set make up. We then hand build a bespoke set that meets the needs and helps the performance of that Junior player.
ACCRA introduced the first premium shaft for discerning Junior golfers. The ACCRA Fx SRT line of wood shafts incorporates Fx technology into 3 distinct flexes which we are able to professionally fit.The ACCRA iSeries SRT iron shaft offers juniors a premium lightweight option for irons also incorporating a .580 butt diameter. The SRT iron shaft uses the same technology as the iSeries line of iron shafts, it is available in one flex and can be tipped to multiple stronger flexes as it is a blank.
We are also able to custom fit the KBS 560 and 580 Series, developed specifically for a Junior Developing player in mind for a more consistent, controlled ball flight and club efficiency.

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