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Bio-Match Custom Fitting

Your clubs, made to fit you, it is that simple….



It’s hard to argue with physics.

If you really want to improve your game, there’s something you should know about physics: The mass of the club affects how it moves when swung — and that affects ball flight in a big way. It is very hard to argue with science, and once you hit a bio-matched golf club, you will realise you do not even want to.

Until BioMatch was invented, there was no way of calculating the optimum weight for each of your clubs. Mismatched clubs force your subconscious mind to learn a different body motion for each club.

This is a problem.

Different shafts that are cut to different lengths, weighing different amounts. Ever wondered why you have a favourite club in your bag? Or why you hit a particular irons better than the others? That clubs weight is great for you and matches your swing characteristics. What if every club in your bag was like that? This is when you need bio-matching. The process of bio-matching takes your set of off the shelf or custom fitted clubs, and takes them to the next level. Even an old favourite set that you don’t want to part with can be made better, how? Well that’s where physics comes in, and this is when your clubs become optimum custom golf clubs!


To learn everything you need to know about bio-matching check out rational golfs website in the link. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via email, or 1 of our social media channels.

Bio-Match Fitting Cost £250 (13 clubs)